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Find and send a test referral

You can add all of the information to a patient's test referral that is required before sending it to a lab.

  1. Search and select the patient's record from the top right search
  2. Find the Patient Referrals panel
    • The HOME panel view includes the Patient Referrals panel.
    • To switch panel views, select the current panel view name in the top right corner, for example, My Patient View.
  3. Select the referral created for this patient's test
  4. Find the Test ID on the Test Form  
    • Select Antigen COVID-19 Test Form from the Documents list
    • Scroll down to "For Office Use Only"
    • For example: "Test ID: ANT-105"
  5. Outside the system: Write the Test ID on the test kit
  6. Outside the system: Perform the test
  7. Complete the Test Form
    • Confirm the patient's answers to all of the questions
    • Enter the Lot Number provided with the kits your office received
      • If there is no lot number, enter "N/A".
    • Enter the Date of Service
    • When you are finished, select Lock
  8. Type the Test ID into the test referral Description
  9. Complete the Patient Insurance form
    • Select Patient Insurance Details from the Documents list
    • Confirm the patient has completed the form
      • This information is required for financial reimbursement.
    • When you are finished, select Lock
  10. Leave the Lab Result form empty and draft for the Lab to complete
  11. Set the Receiving Clinic to your designated lab
  12. Outside the system: Take a photo of the test after the waiting period and upload it to your computer
  13. Attach the test photo to the referral
    • Select Add New Attachment
    • Select Choose File to find the file you want to upload
    • Leave Description and File Type blank
    • Select Upload
  14. Confirm you've included all of the required information in the referral
    • Patient Insurance Details form linked and locked.
    • Antigen COVID-19 Test Form linked and locked.
    • Test ID from the Antigen COVID-19 Test Form written on the test kit and in the referral description.
    • Antigen COVID-19 Test Lab Result form linked and draft.
    • Test Photo image attached.
    • Receiving Clinic set to your designated lab
  15. Select Send Referral

Now the lab can process the test referral you sent and confirm the test results.

After the lab is done, billing submits insurance claims for your reimbursement.

For a checklist of the details required before sending the test referral to the lab, see Office Requirements Checklist.