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Find and complete a test referral

Referrals created and sent by the referring office or clinic appear on your Practice Dashboard.

You can open a referral to review the details and attachments, enter your notes, and mark the referral as completed when it is ready for the referring clinic or office to review.

  1. Go to Practice > Dashboard
  2. Find the Practice Referrals to be Completed panel
    • The "HOME" panel view with your lab's name includes the Referrals panels.
    • To switch panel views, select the current panel view name in the top right corner, for example, "My Practice View".
  3. Select a referral to open it
  4. Add yourself as the Receiving Provider
  5. Select the attached Test Photo to view the results
  6. Note the Test ID in the photo
  7. Close the photo and open the Lab Result form
  8. Enter the Test ID
  9. Enter the test result
  10. Optional: If the result is Invalid, enter any relevant notes
  11. When you are finished with the Lab Result form, select Lock
    • No one can make changes to the form after it is locked.
  12. Change the Referral Status to Completed
  13. Select Save

The referral moves out of the Practice Referrals to be Completed panel.

Now the office may check for referrals in the status "Completed" and review the results you entered.

For a checklist of the details required to complete the test referral, see Lab Requirements Checklist.